Premium Polished Concrete Flooring in Melbourne

When it comes to polished concrete flooring in Melbourne, you should only opt for an experienced polished concrete floor contractor to get the job done effectively. At Concrete FX, we assure you that the polished concrete floors in Melbourne will be done in the most effective and efficient manner possible. We specialise in offering the best in polished flooring solutions that give you a mirror-like smooth finish to your floor. This is suitable for an interior scheme, and this concrete flooring in Melbourne will enhance your look and value for your floor.

Looking for Residential Polished Concrete Floors?

Residential polished concrete floors have taken the flooring market by storm in recent times. It has become an elegant and affordable option in the domestic market and maintains its prevalence in the commercial sector for its hardwearing properties. It can improve indoor insulation throughout the year by retaining warm air during winter and reducing heat in the summer.

Seeking Commercial Polished Concrete Floors?

Commercial polished concrete floors are easy to install and maintain for Melbourne offices. We use high-quality densifiers, diamond tools and penetrating sealers to polish the concrete. With our knowledge and expertise, we advise you on the best options for your budget, look and needs. We have the perfect solutions for both home and commercial spaces.

What Is Polished Concrete Flooring?

Polished concrete floors are created when the concrete is exposed to ground specifically, and it is grouted in such a way that it fills surface imperfections and minor cracks. This treatment makes the surface harden and then polishes it with the help of diamond tools. This makes it finer and polishes the surface of the concrete. A sealer is adopted in the last stages to enhance the floor and ensure that it is stain resistant for a longer duration.

Polished Concrete Flooring Vs Other Floorings

There are certain advantages that polished concrete flooring has over other systems, which are:

  • No time-consuming cure that prolongs the build time.
  • Topical sealer is not used to ensure that the floor does not become dull.
  • There are no chances of roller marks, ripples, dust remaining a part of the surface.
  • It is resistant to scratches as concrete is hardened.
  • There are no issues of peeling, bubbling and discolouration that occur in the coating system.
  • Maintenance of polished concrete in the long term costs less and save time as compared to coating systems.
  • Benefits Of Polished Concrete Floors

Benefits Of Polished Concrete Floors

There are numerous advantages for polished concrete floors:

  • Elegant – Polished concrete has become an affordable and elegant option in the domestic market as well as in the commercial sector due to its hardwearing properties. ‘The Block’ and ‘House Rules’ participants found it to be a simple and amazing solution.
  • Affordable – It is much more affordable to source and install polished concrete than other flooring solutions. It can help in reducing your energy expenses and minimises your carbon footprint.
  • Easy Maintenance – Polished concrete floors in Melbourne are easy to clean and maintain as compared to other types of flooring that need minimal effort to clear away spillages. Additionally, polished concrete offers excellent durability that allows it to stand the test of time.
  • Long-Lasting and Safe – Polished concrete floors have unmatched longevity that minimises the need to repair and replace your flooring. It boasts of safer surfaces, minimises the chances of accidents and injuries from occurring.
  • Sustainable and Eco-Friendly – It is an eco-friendly solution as it is sourced using sustainable means.
  • Polished Concrete Floor Systems

There are three main systems that are generally referred to as polished concrete. This includes polished concrete, grind and seal or clear coating systems and the burnished acrylic system.

Exposure Options

The exposure level is the aggregate of a concrete mix that you see once the grinding is complete. The concrete mix contains aggregate as a component. This contains the distribution, size, density and colour of the stones. The polished concrete is made in this manner unless specially ordered, poured and installed. The following are the types of exposure

  • Zero Exposure – The zero exposure only aims to remove the upper part of the concrete for it to accept the products or chemicals that coats or polishes it. This can be achieved when the concrete is installed millimetre perfect.
  • Partial Exposure – This exposure refers to only grinding a part off the surface from the concrete to guarantee that the concrete can be used for grouting flat and achieves a consistent gloss level when polished. The zero exposure contains a hard exposure level that successfully creates a consistent result with an aggregate distribution that can vary based on the installation and mix. This means that the exposure level that we remove is
    2 – 3 mm off the concrete to ensure that it is suitable and flat for polishing.
  • Full Exposure – This includes grinding some part of the concrete that will allow you to get full exposure of the stones. This experience shows that removing 5mm off the concrete achieves consistency and exposure based on the size of minor surface variations followed by an aggregate check.

Finishing Levels

You need to select the finishing levels besides selecting the exposure level and the type of system that suits you. Finishing levels are based on the total work required to make the flooring. Basically, the higher the finished level, the more products, tools and stages are required to get a better finish. Some of the types of finishing levels include:

  • Basic polished concrete – This option is the entry-level finishing option that you can choose. This is perfect where the seamless characteristics, non-dusting and sealing of polished concrete are important with an amazing high gloss finish. Basic polished concrete has some amount of gloss and is known as satin and not high gloss. This is because there are more visible surface imperfections in it.
  • Standard polished concrete finish – It has one of the highest gloss levels and characteristics. This comes with polished concrete, seal or grind systems. Since not much takes place at the premium finish, and this is why the standard finish has more dominant surface imperfections that can be seen. This allows those that are conscious about budgets to enjoy a higher quality product overall.
  • Premium polished concrete finish – This is the top of the range and high-end floor finish. The concrete is ground and polished to the finest level possible, and this ensures that the least amount of surface imperfections and highest possible gloss is achieved. This option is best used for high-quality homes, showrooms and retail environments where light reflectivity and quality is crucial.

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