Finest Polished Concrete Benchtops Melbourne

Concrete used to be just “The stuff we walk on.” It has now made its way into the kitchens, lounge rooms, BBQ areas, and many other places in the home, by way of Polished Concrete Benchtops, furniture, and Polished Concrete Floors. With a polished concrete kitchen bench, the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen will be magnified and it will provide a sophisticated appearance to the overall décor.

The beauty of choosing a Polished Concrete Benchtop is, you can choose your mix! Which means you are able to get the color you want. You get just the look you’re after. This allows you to modify your polished concrete kitchen bench in a way that allows it to fit perfectly with your existing style choices.

From the basic aggregate to glass, quartz, basalt, pebbles and even granite, the possibilities are vast. You can essentially select from a wide variety of polished concrete kitchen bench materials to help give your home, an elegant and visually pleasing look. Polished Concrete Benchtops is an elegant, durable and beautiful addition to any modern kitchen.

If you are undertaking a new build, you can even have a polished concrete floor with matching Polished Concrete benchtops, or even a Polished Concrete hearth around your fireplace! With our polished concrete kitchen bench options being available in a multitude of materials and colours there is practically no limit to the number of styles you can select.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can concrete benchtops in Melbourne be customised to match specific interior styles and colour preferences?

    Absolutely! Concrete benchtops in Melbourne are highly customisable. Whether you have a specific colour, texture, or design in mind, concrete can be tailored to match. Skilled artisans can mix different pigments to create a variety of hues, cast in unique shapes, and finish with distinct techniques to complement your home’s aesthetic. So, your benchtop can be as unique and personal as you like.

    Is the cost of concrete benchtops lower than that of stone benchtops?

    Polished Concrete Benchtops in Melbourne can often be more affordable than high-end stone options. The final price can vary depending on design complexity, size, and finishing choices. While concrete offers a versatile and modern look, it can also be a cost-effective alternative with the ability to mimic more expensive materials, giving you a luxurious appearance without the hefty price tag.

    Is concrete a suitable choice for a benchtop?

    Concrete is an excellent choice for a benchtop due to its durability and versatility. It can tolerate the rigours of daily kitchen use while offering a sleek, contemporary look. Polished concrete benchtops in Melbourne provide a smooth, hygienic surface ideal for food preparation. Plus, with the ability to be moulded into any shape and infused with various colours and textures, concrete benchtops can fit any design style.

    Are polished concrete benchtops expensive?

    Polished Concrete Benchtops in Melbourne are often considered a premium product. Still, they offer value for the investment due to their longevity and timeless appeal. The cost can vary based on customisation, size, and finishing processes. While they may have a higher initial cost than other materials, their durability and low maintenance can make them an affordable option over time.

    What is the best concrete for benchtops?

    The best benchtop concrete is a high-strength mix specifically designed for this purpose. It should have properties that allow it to be cast in thin slabs, resist chipping and cracking, and support long-term durability. Often, these mixes contain additives that improve performance and aesthetics. For Concrete benchtops in Melbourne, the concrete is also chosen for its ability to be polished to a smooth, attractive finish that can withstand time.