Concrete FX

DFO Moorabbin Food Court

among the range of services, we offer at ConcreteFX™ Floor stripping is often where the project begins. Whether it be vinyl, glue or tile removal, or in the case of DFO Moorabbin, 20mm of levelling compound.

The floors in the food court at DFO Moorabbin had seen better days. The existing concrete was covered in leveller, and the condition of the hidden concrete was unknown. Works included ripping up the existing leveller, repairing all existing cracks, polishing the existing concrete, chaulking around all the tenancies and finally, finding a way to join the newly polished concrete to existing coating in the mall area.

THE BLOCK asked ConcreteFx™ to firstly create a Polished Concrete Benchtop from our TOP IT™ range, and then to provide Polished Concrete floors from our FLOOR IT™ range.

ConcreteFX™ uses the highest quality densifiers, penetrating sealers and diamond tools available when Polishing your Concrete. We also work closely with Concrete suppliers in the building stage, which means clients receive professional advice which is one of the keys to a brilliant Polished Concrete Floor. Existing concrete slab can also be Polished.

Whether its Polished Concrete or Grind and Seal, at ConcreteFX™ we have the knowledge and expertise to advise you on the best option to suit your budget, needs and look. Contact ConcreteFX™and we will help your vision become reality.