Concrete FX

ConcreteFX™ has many options to create an amazing floor that will meet your needs and also give you that “WOW” factor when a Polished Concrete finish isn’t an option.

Polished Concrete is not the only option when it comes to resurfacing your concrete floors. ConcreteFX™ offers a wide range of resurfacing options.

  • Chemical and heat resistance floorings
  • Anti Slip flooring
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Factory Flooring to withstand forklift traffic
  • Car Parks
  • Quick return to service, which minimises downtime.

You can be assured that ConcreteFX™ will have a solution for your requirements.

Acid Stain is a compound of acid, salts and metals that chemically reacts with the minerals in cured concrete to

produce a permanent variegated colouring effect. It can be applied to new or old concrete.

Acid Stain is perfect for interior and exterior applications. Because there are so many variables involved in the chemical reaction process(i.e. the age, porosity, texture, and colour of the concrete substrate)

each application of Acid Stain produces a unique and exciting result. Subtle cracks in the existing surface can also enhance the effect. Grout lines can be etched into the substrate to mimic a tile effect, or Stencils can also be used with varying colours to create dramatic results that will last for years. Acid staining has gained incredible popularity in recent years and is being used in a variety of applications. No matter what the scope of your project is, there are multiple benefits in using our acid staining systems.

With our Decorative Trowelled flooring, the possibilities are endless and are limited only by your imagination. Bring the outside in and enjoy a seamless design that is easy to maintain and gives a unique look. From an outdoor alfresco entertaining area to a swimming pool surround, games room, bathroom!

For the business customer, cafes, clothing stores, art stores! Decorative troweled flooring could be just the look you are searching for. Turn your concrete into something special with this unique concrete resurfacing technique.

Our Trade Secret Reactive dyed floors are unique and individual, no two floors are the same.

It is a concrete resurfacing system that creates a floor with

“WOW” factor!

Using a combination of products, different reactions are achieved. If you’re looking for a unique floor with WOW factor, maybe reactive dyed is for you.